Rick Ross Explains Why He Cut Pusha T’s Verse From ‘Maybach Music VI’ With Lil Wayne

Rick Ross, Pusha T, Lil Wayne

Rick Ross Explains Why He Cut Pusha T’s Verse From ‘Maybach Music VI’ With Lil Wayne

While he’s celebrating the release of his latest album, Port of Miami 2, Rick Ross also explained why fans didn’t hear that collaboration between Pusha T and Lil Wayne on “Maybach Music VI” amid their ongoing feud.

Before the album was released Friday, Ross revealed that despite their feud, both artists did a verse for a song. The thing is, Pusha and Wayne just didn’t know that the other person would be featured at first.

Ross previously said,

“What I did do was put together a record with Pusha and Wayne. Is it going to be released? We gon’ have to wait to see on Aug. 9. Because to me, it really wasn’t about doing the record.”

So, when the album came out Friday, many noticed that Pusha’s verse was MIA on the song.

Ross explained why and said,

“What’s so dope about it is both verses were cleared from both parties. But like I said, it was more about the bigger picture. Is this going to move them two getting together, you know closer? And I’ll take the charge for that. I didn’t feel like this was the time for that…I got Wayne’s verse first, then I got Push’s verse. I wanted to bring them together either way, or at least spark that conversation, cause it’s gonna come. And I feel like next year I’ll be a part of that when that Drake, Wayne, Pusha, Kanye record come together. It’s for the game.”

Upscale Vandal, who works with Pusha denied speculation that Pusha wanted his verse removed after finding out Lil Wayne would be on the same song.

He also questioned why Pusha’s verse was removed.

Interestingly enough, the verse leaked and has fueled speculation that he was taking shots at Drake after the two rappers feuded last year.

“What a hell of a year, true colors expose/Crowns on these clowns, it’s like you colored they nose.”

Drake, Pusha T

He also allegedly came for Bobby Brown after Brown called out Pusha for putting a photo of Whitney Houston’s bathroom filled with drugs as the cover art for his album DAYTONA by Kanye West. Houston passed away in 2012 in a bathtub. There was speculation she had a drug overdose.

Pusha allegedly rapped,

“Sit back and let ‘em draw they own conclusions/A picture’s worth a thousand words, Mr. Houston/You wonder why cocaine’s up in every song?/When music failed, cocaine righted every wrong.”

Still, he supported the release of Ross’s new project.


See the full interview below and check out his comments starting at the 14:03 mark.

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Authored by: Char Patterson