Nick Cannon Tells Kanye West He’s Not A ‘Genius’ + Russell Simmons Weighs In, Explains Why Yeezus Isn’t A Mad Scientist

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It’s no secret, Kanye West considers himself a creative genius. In fact, he’s been quite vocal in his radio interviews (with Angie Martinez, Sway Calloway andThe Breakfast Club) about just how serious he his about his art, creating without limitations. During his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, he explained:

When I compare myself to Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Jesus, whatever, I’m saying these are my heroes, this is the type of impact I wanna make on this earth.

While the jury is still out on whether ‘Ye is actually a ‘genius’ (it’s a matter of opinion, I guess), Nick Cannon wholeheartedly disagrees. This week, the 33-year-old used Twitter as his sounding board again (‘memba he ruffled a few feathers, tweeting that he was beyond tired of black slave movies?), writing:

I love @KanyeWest like a brother & been one of his biggest fans & friends since day 1, but Genius is eternal patience. Maybe I should’ve just called him and told him that in private. Oops, my bad! Twitter-stream-of-consciousness LOL … I just got online and saw all these @KanyeWest interviews and I was inspired to rant. Oh well, going back to Thanksgiving. We cookin’ son!

Meanwhile, Russell Simmons disagrees with Cannon, saying that the ‘genius’ title is more than fitting for 36-year-old Mr. West.

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In an op-ed called, ‘The Genius That Is Kanye West‘, Simmons wrote:

So, you may think he’s mad when he goes on his “Yeezy rants,” but it is a different kind of mad. It is a mad that keeps you up at night, knowing that if you fall asleep, you are wasting time. It is a mad that makes you go into the lab and work seven days with no sleep, cause you want to perfect your craft. It is a mad that sees the world still unfair for women and people of color, that makes you want to break down every door that they say is locked and can never be open. It is a mad-scientist kind of mad. One who wants to uplift his people to the top of the mountain, so in unison, they can chant from the top of their lungs, “No One Man Should All That Power!” He is fighting for his generation, his people, his country, his planet earth….like a motherf*ckin’ monster!

Are your thoughts on Ye being a ‘creative genius’ more in line with Nick Cannon or Russell Simmons? 

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