Peter Thomas Roasts Phaedra Parks, Defends Apollo Nida: “He Hasn’t Seen His Kids In 3 Years!”

Peter Thomas Roasts Phaedra Parks, Defends Apollo Nida: “He Hasn’t Seen His Kids In 3 Years!”

The husbands of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” stick together! The newly-engaged peach-holder Cynthia Bailey‘s ex-husband, Peter Thomas, may not be a part of the Bravo franchise anymore, but he is offering his two cents to the conversation about his friend, Apollo Nida. Phaedra Parks‘ ex-husband has just been released from prison after serving five out of his eight-years-long sentence, and is, reportedly, rebuilding his life. However, followers of the show have been trolling him about returning to the trade of barbering.

Peter Thomas has more of a bone to pick with Phaedra, though. He calls the lawyer out for allegedly separating she and Apollo’s children from him while he served his time – even insinuating that she knew about Apollo’s money laundering. Peter said:

“I don’t have Phaedra’s number. I can’t call her. And I wouldn’t wanna call her anyway. She didn’t like me. She spread a lot of rumors and a lot of lies about me, so why would I wanna call her? I’m cool with Apollo- that’s my dude. He went to jail. While he was in jail, we talked all the time. He’s home. He hasn’t seen his kids on three years. I think it’s F’ed up that when two people are going through some stuff- I don’t like females like that, by the way. I don’t like females that because you’re mad at the dude that you had a kid with- now you’re using the kid against him. That sh*t is foul to me…he wasn’t abusive towards his kids. He wasn’t abusive towards her! When he was doing the crime and he was bringing in all that money home, it was all good, right?”

He continued:

“Now he’s back. He’s trying to rebuild his life. He’s trying to see his kids. Now y’all gon’ talk about, ‘Mind your business! Mind your business!’ It is my f*ckin’ business! That’s my dude! That’s my friend! And he posts on social media yesterday- that’s how much pain he got! He posts ’cause he want y’all to know how f’ed up that person is! And then there’s a story written about it today, and all I’m doing is chiming in…depriving the kids from seeing their dad is not good. That man’s not a pedophile. He’s not a murderer. He did some financial crime. Really? Really. It’s not a good example, but he’s out, and he’s rebuilding his life.”

Peter, then, recalled the times did Phaedra Parks did visit Apollo Nida in prison – it was because (according to him) Bravo bore all travel expenses.

“I was reading, and it said that time she visited him in jail- it was on Bravo’s dime. It was recorded for the show. She probably wouldn’t have done it if they didn’t force her hand to do it- ’cause I know how that sh*t works. That’s really f*cked up. Can’t no good come from bad deeds. Somebody should holler at her, and let her know that.”

Oop! Does Peter Thomas have a point when it comes to Phaedra Parks’ rumored behavior? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay