Trina Blasts Her Team For Slamming Nicki Minaj ‘Stay Out Of Girl S***… She Did Her Part’

Trina, Nicki Minaj

Trina Blasts Her Team For Slamming Nicki Minaj ‘Stay Out Of Girl S***… She Did Her Part’

All eyes were on Trina yesterday as she kept her word and went live to discuss her A&R rep and cousin Bobby Lytes coming for Nicki Minaj. 

Earlier this week, her A&R rep came for Nicki for not promoting their song “BAPS,” which is featured on Trina’s latest album The One. 

Her cousin, Lytes, also snapped on Nicki’s fanbase, the Barbz, and hinted that Trina was too nice to say anything herself.

Now, Trina is speaking up for herself and said in her live that no one has the authority to speak her name publicly without her permission.

“First of all, I’m gonna need all of y’all to keep my name out y’all mouth. That’s first of all… I do not need no spokesperson, no mediator, no translator to speak for Trina. I know how to speak for myself. Everybody knows that. I don’t need nobody to tell the world what they feel, their opinions, all of that. Opinions are just like a**holes, everybody has one. When you decide to speak, speak for yourself, do not include my name. That goes for anybody. Do not speak my name without approval. If you’re on my team, if you’re around me, if you surround anybody that surrounds me, everybody knows that you have to get approval to speak my name. You’re out of pocket.”


She added that she refuses to let anyone disrespect someone who was featured on her album, including Nicki. 

“Every feature on my album are people that believed in me, that did favors for me. I didn’t pay for these features. They were favors. You know what a favor is? That means I f*** with you, that’s why I did this favor. I’m not here for the blame game. I don’t do the messy, publicity stunts, the public, all that s*** I don’t do that. I’m not an internet thug, Twitter fingers, I don’t do that… I take full responsibility for everything that came from my side. This is my project, my album. I’m gonna stand on 10 toes and deal with that… everybody has an opinion and you’re entitled to that. But you’re not gonna disrespect nobody, another female artist… you’re not gonna disrespect Nicki Minaj or any other artist on my album.”

She then seemed to come for her A&R rep and her cousin and said,

“Stay out of girl s***. Don’t come sideways talking about anything that has to do with women business. I’m a boss. My face is clean on the streets. This business is called business. All business ain’t good business. Some business is bad business. I feel like right now, I did bad business. That’s my fault. That’s nobody else’s fault. I gotta take the rap for that, I gotta take the L for that. But I’m not taking no losses.”

“This whole Nicki Minaj video situation, this isn’t about Nicki Minaj and a video. I had a 45-minute conversation on the phone with Nicki Minaj, about business, about my record, about this song, about everything. This is not about a video. This is bigger than a video. A video is just a portion of what’s happening. This is more about making sure the business is right, making sure the record is right… “

Trina, Nicki Minaj

She added that she never talked to Nicki about the video but moreso the business side of the feature.

“She did her part. It’s up to me and my team to do our part. That’s how I feel about it. This is my project. I worked six years for this. I don’t expect nobody, not Nicki, not nobody else on the album, not my team to do what I need to be done for my project. My team speaking out, my team got so much to say… I’m gonna take the blame for my team because guess what? Me and my team, we dropped the ball. Bad business is what’s calling all of this havoc to happen. All of this nonsense, all of the drama, these feelings, this personal… everybody got an opinion, that’s what it is, it’s bad business. It has nothing to do with artists that’s featured on my album. It has to do with me trusting people that let me down. I gotta fix that.”

She added that she’s going through a lot more that’s bigger than the album.

“I couldn’t care less about any of this that’s happening right now. But if you’re a part of my team, and if you’re with me, and you’re rocking with me, and you’re really, really with me, we’re not gonna do none of this devilish, clownish, s***. We’re not gonna do that. That’s not Trina. We don’t roll like that. This is a business deal gone bad. A business situation gone terribly bad. What do you about it? You fix it. You swim or you sink. You don’t publicly speak out your frustration and be disrespectful. That’s not what I’m gonna allow or accept on any f***ing day. Everybody knows that.”

Nicki Minaj, Trina

She had another message for her team and social media trolls.

“There is no beef between me and Nicki Minaj. There will be no disrespect for Nicki Minaj or nobody else that’s on my album. I appreciate each and every artist that took the initiative to be a part of ‘The One’ album.” Rico Love gave his all for me, every artist that came out to do this album for me, they didn’t charge me. Anything else that’s going on within that, around that, let me deal with that. Everybody else that’s outside of that, keep your f***ing mouth shut.”

“And everybody and anybody and all of y’all that are dragging my name through my mud, dirtying myf ace without saying a word, you can suck my a** througha . straw and I mean that. I’m a real b**** and I don’t play those games at all. Everybody knows that Keep my name out your mouth and have a good f***ing night. ‘The One’ is out now.”

Nicki hasn’t responded directly but did make this cryptic post.

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Authored by: Char Patterson