Shawnna Seemingly Comes For Nicki Minaj ‘She Always Hatin’ On Everybody’

Shawnna, Nicki Minaj

Shawnna Seemingly Comes For Nicki Minaj ‘She Always Hatin’ On Everybody’

Remember Shawnna? The “Gettin’ Some” rapper has officially gone off.

She seemingly challenged Nicki Minaj to a battle. She went live on Instagram and referenced an interview earlier this week in which female rappers were mentioned. Many fans are convinced she was referring to Nicki’s conversation with Joe Budden, in which Nicki suggested she’s the best female rapper.

Shawnna said,

“I saw an interview from a female artist the other day and since she didn’t say no names, I didn’t say no names. When we get ready to say names then we gon’ pick a beat, then we gon’ hit the booth, no ghostwriters. That’s what we gonna do. So until then, we gon’ keep it pimpin. Any one of y’all artists that wanna say my name, y’all know y’all don’t wanna give me no light. That’s why they don’t say my name. They don’t mention Shawnna. Cause soon as they mention Shawnna, spotlight on Shawnna, and you know what happens when they put the spotlight on [me]. I take off. And then if I take off, that’s less money in your mouth. That’s less food in your mouth.”

She still played coy when asked who she was referring to.

“I ain’t gonna say. She’s known to talk a lot of s***, and don’t really f*** with nobody, always hating on everybody. One of them…”

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Authored by: Char Patterson