K. Michelle Slams Blac Chyna For Pursuing Music Career, Later Says Love & Hip Hop Edited Her Comments

K. Michelle Slams Blac Chyna for Pursuing Music Career on LHHH, Later Says Comments Were Edited

Singer K. Michelle wants to separate the real from the fake – or does she? On last night’s (8/26/19) episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood,” the reality TV star sat down for an honest talk with newcomer Brittany B. about Blac Chyna breaking into the music scene. K. Michelle didn’t seem very receptive to the idea. Their conversation went as followed:

“Brittany B.: [I’ve been] in the studio with Blac Chyna.

K. Michelle: On what?

Brittany: She came to me and said she wanted to work on music. I was like, ‘Alright-‘

K.: Girl, I would’ve hung up. Boop!”

“Brittany: But, you know what? She can sing! She has a tone!

K.: This industry is the only industry where motherf*ckers can just walk in without an audition! This music is something you fight for your whole life, this not something that you just automatically say this what you gonna do!

Brittany: Absolutely.

K.: This be people last resort! The gift that God gave me? That’s not the last resort to your d*ck sucking that didn’t work!”


K. Michelle, then, went on to detail how she performed even in the midst of extensive surgeries and health issues regarding her silicone injections. She said:

“I literally- last year, y’all – rolled myself onstage to sing for my fans in a wheelchair! So why the f*ck do you think I wanna sit around and talk about these fake a** artists? I bust my a**! I love this sh*t! It’s how I eat! I’m not finna entertain the people who just out here playin’!”

Oop! However, like her LHHH castmate Moniece Slaughter, K. Michelle later revealed that her conversation with Brittany B. wasn’t about Blac Chyna as depicted on the episode! She responded to a fan about the media’s coverage of her comments about Blac Chyna.

Yikes! Is K. Michelle giving Blac Chyna’s music a stamp or the boot?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay