Teddy Riley Says “IG Can’t Get All The Money” After Postponing Babyface Battle & Facing Backlash

Teddy Riley, Babyface

Teddy Riley Says “IG Can’t Get All The Money” After Postponing Babyface Battle & Facing Backlash

Update #2: After news surfaced about Teddy Riley postponing their battle, the R&B singer and producer faced some backlash. See some reactions below.

Teddy Riley has responded, stating that

Instagram Can’t Get All The Money Everyone.

Many fans were disappointed when their plans to watch Teddy Riley and Babyface go head-to-head over their biggest hits were postponed Sunday night (April 5).

Swizz Beatz, who created the epic Verzuz battle with Timbalandshared the update on Instagram.

Now, Teddy Riley is explaining why. He and radio/TV personality Charlamagne hopped on IG Live together as Teddy Riley revealed why he pushed back the battle.

“There’s no back out. Nobody’s backing out. Babyface is moving slow, he’s not 100%. You know he’s been sick. What it is, is we kind of pulled back because we really want this done right, and we don’t want the stops from Instagram. So that’s the main reason why. We both have the respect for each other. And that’s the one thing. That’s my big brother. Charleston, New York, we don’t back down.” 

He added that they will indeed be battling on Instagram, but seemed to reference Instagram’s restriction that IG Lives can’t go for more than an hour. Users can start up again, but at times this has impacted the momentum of longer live moments. He said a company he invested in, Omnis Player, will be also streaming the event.

“You’ll be able to swipe up so that you can see. The thing about it is, this new system, its’ really for what we wanna do. I don’t think I wanna go head up with him, and us going back and forth. We need mediators. I thought the company I’m a partner of, I thought that this is something that would be great for them to take this to another level, where they’re mediating, they’re coming in, or they can invite you in, and say ‘Yo, what you think?’ And you come on, say what you think, then we go to the next person, or Snoop [Dogg] can say something. That’s what our system can do. You can also still get the comments, you’ll get the comments, you’ll get everything that you got on Instagram. Nothing will be stopped.”

Authored by: Char Patterson