Dreezy Sparks Breakup Rumors With Jacquees

Dreezy, Jacquees 

Dreezy Sparks Breakup Rumors With Jacquees

Are Dreezy and Jacquees done? Based on one of her recent tweets, that’s what it looks like.

She also retweeted a cryptic message just hours later Sunday.

But it was all good just earlier that day.

Jacquees also seemed to have a moment on social media.

There could still be hope since they’re still following each other on social media.

Jacquees and Dreezy started dating last spring after going on tour together.



He was featured on her song, Love Someone earlier this year.

She also starred in the video for his single Who’s in May.

She gushed about their relationship back in March and said,

“He’s more than what y’all see on the internet… every celebrity that you see on these blogs and stuff is a real person in real life. Cause I used to be looking at him the same way like, ‘Oh that’s Jacquees’…When I met him, I was like “Oh you’re a real person. You got a momma. You got bills. You running a whole business.’ This s*** not easy. I know firsthand because I’m an artist. So to kind of step into his world and his career and see how he handles it. I got nothing but respect for him.”

She also dished on how they celebrated Valentine’s Day together.

“I thought I wasn’t going to have a Valentine, but he booked me a flight…I’m thinking we just gone probably go out to eat…And when I got to the airport, he picked me up from the airport. Came in, grabbed all my bags. You know n***** don’t ever want to get out of the car and come in there. He came in there, got my bags…we rode to this nice condo in Houston, and it was like rose petals when I walked in and people greeting me. Taking my coat off. And like walking me to a table and it was all of my favorite food.”

“Right after he got off the stage at the show… He had his guys come in with three Chanel bags. One had this big Chanel purse in it. The other one had some Chanel slides in it, you know I got my song ‘Chanel Slides.’  And then the other one had my puppy in it, and that’s when I took it out like ‘Awww,’ and they were like, ‘Name it, name it!’”

He also bragged about Dreezy’s skills earlier this year.

“That’s who they need to put on top of the game… If you want to talk about some people talking about being underrated, let’s talk about Dreezy. She dope. She’s a hard worker. She put in hard work. I see her — it’s like watching me or something.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson