Co-Writer Of Prince’s Memoir Said Singer Never Officially Hired Him


Prince: Co-Writer Of Singer’s Memoir Said He Never Officially Hired Him

Late singer Prince had quite a story to tell when he tragically passed away in April 2016. And his story was still being written. Fans will be able to read more of his story in his memoir The Beautiful Ones, scheduled to be released in October.

Dan Piepenbring, who co-wrote the book with Prince as well as the introduction, revealed that he met Prince just three months before he passed. He got the job after Prince said he wanted to work with someone who had never written a book before. Piepenbring and another candidate then sent in personal statements and explained why they wanted to work with the 1999 singer. Pienpenbring was selected and the two then began working together on the memoir.

Prince previously said,

“I want something that’s passed around from friend to friend, like—do you know [the Richard Linklater film] Waking Life? You don’t show that to all your friends, just the ones who can hang.”

Interestingly enough, Piepenbring said Prince never officially hired him, but that wasn’t unusual considering how Prince typically conducted business.

“Many Prince associates have a similar story: they were never officially hired. Prince simply told them to show up again, and they did.”

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As for losing Prince while working on the book, Piepenbring said he’s still coming to terms with it all. He wrote,
“It was hard to reconcile the sunny, puckish, solicitous man I met with; the one described in news stories and police reports, who could be unyielding, furtive, and willfully opaque. Prince had always embodied dualities. Here was one more: he had told me that he was O.K., and he was not O.K.”
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Authored by: Char Patterson