Tamar Braxton Blasts Passenger On Flight For Offering Her Drugs ‘Drug Dealers Ruin Everything!’

Tamar Braxton 

Tamar Braxton Blasts Passenger On Flight For Offering Her Drugs ‘Drug Dealers Ruin Everything!’

A passenger on a flight with Tamar Braxton learned the hard way that she doesn’t do drugs. In fact, she said she hates drug dealers.

Braxton, wrote on Instagram,

“I HATE drug dealers and Drugs!!! They ruin Everything!!!!! ALWAYS”

She added,

“Offering drugs to people on a plane should be a crime PERIODT!!! I don’t do drugs!! And what if i had a problem??!! …well…i do!! My problem is…I have a problem with drug dealers And people who offer ANY drugs to u!!! Tht is not a joke. If i offer drugs to strangers u are a DRUG DEALER”

She went on to post a photo of the man and explained why she feels so strongly about drugs. She also said the experience bothered her so much that she won’t be able to hang out with Wendy Williams and NeNe Leakes for their girls trip.

Tamar Braxton

“This a**hole offered me drugs on the plane. The airline wanted to take off without sending him off of the flight…. even with me on it…. As much as i want to go and be with nene and Wendy… i have to go home… I’ve never wanted to kill anyone with my bare hands before…. this is a major trigger for me and I’m sure for my family and any person or families who’s dealt with this abuse…. I’m from Baltimore…it hits different…. i don’t do drugs WONT EVER do drugs but a stranger offering it to me on a plane to cope and the airline acting as if it’s ok….has sent me in a depressive state. Be back as soon as i can… I’m not ok. Meanwhile his high a** is sleeping and I’m having the worst anxiety EVER!!”

It was previously reported in June that Braxton’s niece, Lauren Braxton, tragically passed away from a heroin/fentanyl overdose. She was the daughter of the Braxton family’s only brother, Michael Braxton. 

Prayers for Tamar and her family!

Authored by: Char Patterson