DMX Joins Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, & Forest Whitaker In Music Video For Upcoming Netflix Show

DMX Joins Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, & Forest Whitaker In Music Video For Upcoming Netflix Show

Rapper DMX (real name Earl Simmons), 48, joins a list of heavy hitters in a new music video for the upcoming Netflix show, Godfather of Harlem starring actor, Forest Whitaker on Wednesday (Sept. 11). In the photo, DMX was spotted behind the scenes with Miami rapper Rick Ross, and super producer, Swizz Beatz. The Ruff Rider rapper posted a photo of the group of men sharing a glass of liquor.

The rappers were reportedly on set filming for their single “Just in Case.” Ross shared a snippet of his verse on Instagram in August.

His stylist gave a little hilarious insight on styling the legendary rapper for the video shoot. She shares on Instagram,

“Part one of my day… I had my very own dmx challenge If y’all knew the fight we had to not have him put his timbs or tshirt on ! lol but I told him we had to get a tommy buns moment one time ! So we had to do the Saint Laurent boot.”

After getting his look right, a fan asked DMX how quickly did he change his designer shoes back into his signature timberland boots. The rapper responded,


In a recent interview, Swizz Beatz touched on the collaboration for the Netflix show. He explains,

“I just love the way it’s like, [sings] “open up my window again, open up my window again. It’s just really getting back to it. It moves you. I love the way Ross narrates the story, and I love the way X is coming in, really bringing that grit to it.”

He continues,

“It doesn’t feel safe, and the show is definitely not safe. It paints the picture and sets the tone for the movie, as people will see in this premiere coming up. It’s a lot of good songs, but that on right there may be the one. As I said, they’re really all different vibes, but that one right there made me say, “Okay, Bumpy’s back.”

Godfather of Harlem tells the true story of infamous crime boss Bumpy Johnson. After a decade in prison, Johnson returns to his neighborhood, which he once ruled, to now be controlled by the Italian mob. During the brutal quest to take back the home that was once his, he forms an alliance with Malcolm X. The series is set to premiere on EPIX on Sept. 29.

Check out a clip below:

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Authored by: Gregory Molette