Man Convicted Of Murder When He Was 16 Gets Sentence Reduced After Kim Kardashian Writes Letter

Kim Kardashian, Momolu Stewart

Man Convicted Of Murder When He Was 16 Gets Sentence Reduced After Kim Kardashian Writes Letter

She’s at it again y’all! Kim Kardashian has helped yet another person in prison.

Her latest is Momolu Stewart, a man being held in a D.C. jail after being convicted of murder when he was 16. Back then Stewart, who is now 39, shot and killed an unarmed man in the head and back.

He asked the court for an early release in February. Then in July, he sat down with Kardashian who was at the prison to film a documentary on the criminal justice system.

Kardashian reportedly was interested to see if Stewart had changed. And it’s safe to say she thinks he has. After sitting down with him, she said she’d write a letter to Judge Robert Salerno, who is ruling on Stewart’s request for a reduced sentence. And she followed through.

She penned a two-page letter asking Salerno to lesson Stewart’s sentence.

Kim Kardashian

“I write to humbly request your compassion and humanity in supporting the release of Momolu Stewart. I have been actively involved in cases across the country and in my view, Momolu is especially deserving of your consideration.”

“He has been rehabilitated and is no longer dangerous to society. I also have every confidence that upon his release he will continue to guide others away from a life of crime and continue on his own path to redemption and success.”

While Salerno agreed to reduce his sentence, there’s still no word on when Stewart will be released. That will be determined in a hearing in October, when others impacted by Stewart’s previous actions will get to speak as well.

Meanwhile, Stewart is said to be optimistic. His attorney, Betsy Henthorne, said,

“He was speechless. This completely changes his life.”

Kardashian also reacted tot he news on Twitter.

Stewart will be the 17th person released after the passing of the Incarceration Reduction Amendment Act of 2016. It looks to possibly lessen sentences for those who committed crimes when they were under 18, and have spent more than 15 years behind bars. They are required to show signs they’ve changed before a reduced sentence can be considered.

Kareem McCraney, also now 39, was another teen convicted of the murder with Stewart and was the first inmate released via the new act last year.

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