Kandi Burruss On Nene Leakes Seeing A Therapist After ‘RHOA’ Reunion ‘Child Please!’ Adds ‘She’s On A Damage Control Tour’

Kandi Burruss, Nene Leakes

Kandi Burruss On Nene Leakes Seeing A Therapist After ‘RHOA’ Reunion ‘Child Please!’ Adds ‘She’s On A Damage Control Tour’

Kandi Burruss isn’t here for Nene Leakes “RHOA” post-reunion taping claims. From seeing a therapist because of trauma to stating that she closed her laptop and walked away from the virtual taping, Nene Leakes has been vocal about her side of how things went down.

Kandi Burruss, who got into a screaming match with Nene Leakes during the taping, also had plenty to say on her latest YouTube “Speak On It” series.

She started with a message from her mother, Mama Joyce, who plays a controversial role on the show. She’s been extremely outspoken about accusing Kandi Burruss’s husband, Todd Tucker, of being an opportunist. They seemed to bury their drama until Mama Joyce made more comments about Todd Tucker in the most recent season of the reality show.

Kandi Burruss said on her YouTube channel,

“My mother also wanted me to tell all of y’all, she does not need my money, and that is not why she’s overprotective. She just cares about her child, and she’s tired of y’all on Instagram saying she just cares about my money and wants my money and all that stuff. It really hurt her feelings in the last episode when she didn’t come to the baby shower and we talked about her argument with Todd. She saw the comments that y’all put under Todd’s page and needless to say, she was hurt. She feels like everybody’s judging her for just wanting to look out for her child. I am her child and that’s just how it’s gonna roll. If you want to fault her for being an overprotective mom, then whatever. But it’s not because she wants to steal my money because clearly she can have anything she wants…”

As for the reunion and her moment with Nene Leakes, Kandi Burruss added,

“To be clear, I’m a Taurus woman. My birthday’s coming up soon. Typically we can be very calm, until we blow up on your a**. There was some crazy arguments during the reunion. There has been one of us in the bunch, who has been going on and doing a whole press tour about the reunion, trying to tell everything that happened from their side before it happens. To me, I think it’s damage control… And yes I’m talking about Nene, I’m not even gonna tiptoe around it. She’s definitely been doing some damage control tour all around. Everywhere I see…I’m gonna talk more about it when the reunion comes on because I don’t wanna give away things that haven’t played out yet.”

She continued and said the reunion was “very draining.”

“At one point, Nene and I was cussing each other out so bad, and yelling at each other so hard, that Andy was trying to talk, and we wouldn’t let him talk. We were talking over him. They had to mute our microphones.”

She also addressed Nene’s claims that she’s now seeing a therapist after feeling traumatized during the reunion.

“When you listen to that BS, I want you to remember how she told the world she was gonna read us, she was gonna drag these b*tches, she was gonna let these b*tches have it, oh she’s the queen… She called us all kind of b*tches before the show… But then afterward, ‘oh they picked on me, oh I had to stop because they picked on me. They were ganging up on me. Oh I need counseling before they were ganging up on me.’ Child, please! I feel like we got blamed for her leaving, and I don’t think it was us. I’m just gonna say that.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson