Kanye West’s ‘Stars Wars’ Themed Homes For The Homeless Have Been Demolished

Kanye West

Kanye West’s ‘Stars Wars’ Themed Homes For The Homeless Have Been Demolished

Kanye West’s latest good deed was put to a screeching halt. The rapper was attempting to build what was said to be a Stars Wars-inspired community for the homeless in Calabasas, California.

But officials in Los Angeles have torn down four of the dome-like homes that sat on West’s 300-acre land in the star-studded area. While West reportedly wanted to use the buildings to provide shelter for the homeless (via an initiative called Yeezy Home), he failed to get the correct permits to build. The move also comes after neighbors reportedly complained about the noisy construction in the area.

Even though they were alleged to be temporary prototypes, an inspector for L.A. County noticed that the homes were constructed on a concrete base, which suggested that they could be more long-term.

The Department of Public Works offered West 45 days to get the permits needed or demolish the homes. It looks like he might have gone with the second option as three of the prototypes were torn down a week before the deadline.

See pictures of the domes here.

There are roughly 36,000 homeless people living in the L.A. area. While that’s a 16% boost compared to last year, it looks like the city has cut down the number of housing permits it approves by 12%.

It was reported back in July that West was constructing the domes. They were about 50-feet high and were initially covered with paper until they were unveiled over the summer.

Insiders said West previously studied homes

“from every period of man’s existence on earth.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson