Malik Yoba Breaks His Silence After Storming Out of Interview Over Child Prostitution Questions: The World Ain’t Always Ready For All People To Be Free.

Malik Yoba Breaks His Silence After Storming Out of Interview Over Child Prostitution Questions: The World Ain’t Always Ready For All People To Be Free.

Actor/trans-advocate Malik Yoba has taken almost two weeks to himself after an explosive interview incident went viral. Malik controversially revealed that he is trans-attracted – meaning, he is romantically interested in transgender women – and stamped himself as an advocate for the transgender community. This prompted allegations that he, once, engaged in child prostitution – purchasing sexual encounters with underaged transgender women – while working on the set of “New York Undercover.”

Malik Yoba

When confronted about the allegations during the interview, he stormed off of the set, claiming that he and his interviewer forged a plan of how to address the rumor. Here’s how the conversation went:

“Interviewer: If you search your name on social media, some sex workers have come forward saying that you solicited sex work from trans-women. And because of this, you’ve been criticized saying that you’ve been fetishizing trans-women instead of having intimate and loving relationships with them. So what would you say to that?

Malik Yoba: I don’t know what you’re talking about…you and I sat for four hours the other day, and we decided how we were gonna approach this.”

“Interviewer: We went through a number of questions. We recorded, and the more you talked, the more it looks worse for you.

Malik: We decided how we were gonna approach this, bro…check this out- we’re done. We said that we were gonna focus on policy. I don’t appreciate this sh*t at all. This is not what we discussed for four f*ckin’ hours! The f*ck is wrong with you? This is my f*ckin’ life!”

In his first post since the interview, he tells Instagrammers that people will always oppose when you stand up for marginalized people. His post read:


Malik Yoba’s caption read:

“@malikyoba You know you’re doing the right thing when even the haters are happy being mad at you. The world ain’t always ready for all people to be free. Some people will easily forget the oppression and subjugation of our own yet condemn others with no remorse or remembrance of that history. Someone will always have to feel someone else is less worthy or deserving to make themselves feel better. Someone always has to attempt to judge and demean others just to make themselves feel more powerful. Still others will always have to feel that their opinion is all that matters above all else. But those of us with the COURAGE to stand in the gap of understanding between ignorance and wisdom , love and hate , that resiliently stand for truth and acceptance in the face of all resistance to the contrary and steadfastly endeavor to make sure that we all have a seat at the table THOSE are my heroes and comrades. Happy Friday Fam and don’t forget to be a hero for somebody other than yourself and understand that NONE OF US ARE FREE UNTIL WE ALL ARE FREE #onelove”

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay