Gary Owen Reveals His Kids Have Not Spoken To Him In Over A Year Amid Divorce From Ex-Wife: I Reach Out, Then I’m Blocked [VIDEO]

Gary Owen w estranged wife Kenya

Gary Owen Reveals His Kids Have Not Spoken To Him In Over A Year Amid Divorce From Ex-Wife: I Reach Out, Then I’m Blocked [VIDEO]

It appears Gary Owen has had a strained relationship with his children amid his divorce from ex-wife, Kenya Duke!

During a recent interview on The Breakfast Club, comedian Gary Owen, 48, got candid about his current relationship status with his children amid his divorce. The ‘Think Like A Man” actor revealed his children have not spoken to him in over a year. He explained,

“I’ve done everything. I’ve gone to Greensborough because my daughter is at A&T, knocked on her door, she wouldn’t answer. Tried to see her at the airport. I’m blocked on social media. I’ve gone through every outlet to try and get in touch with my daughter. I reach out, then I’m blocked”

Gary Owen

Gary Owen then revealed his children had to learn about their parent’s divorce from social media and news outlets.

“We didn’t tell the kids. We were gonna wait and do it together but TMZ–that’s how they found out.”

When asked why he’s speaking out about the matter now, Gary says it’s a way for his children to hear from his point of view.

“Everybody kept telling me to tell my side. And honestly, it’s also another effort for my kids to hear it.”

As for Gary Owen and Kenya Duke becoming civil with each other, the stand up comedian says some healing has to be done first. He explained,

“I think the divorce has to become final first and then we can start the healing process. But right now, it’s as ugly as it can get.”

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As previously reported, Duke filed for divorce last year and later accused the ‘Meet The Blacks‘ star of infidelity. The ex-couple, who tied the knot back in 2003, share three children, sons Emilio and Austin, and their daughter Kennedy.

Gary Owen & Kenya

In 2021, Kenya Duke took to Instagram to share a message about her ex-husband Gary Owens. In a lengthy post, Kenya Duke explained why she believes that the 48-year-old is more of a narcissist than a comedian. Duke wrote: 

“@garyowencomedy(aka Trevor from Bumble) can you please stop lying about paying the mortgage, I paid it. Let me know if you want the receipt. Those squatters that you talk about living here, they don’t. We only got 1 problem a lying narcissist and he don’t live here no more. I am over here doing me.”

Kenya Duke – Gary Owen

She continued, 

“We don’t bother you at all for nothing. You push too far. The daddy you so viciously talk about on stage, about how terrible he was to you when he was in his 20’s is who you are at 48 years old. We haven’t had a meeting yet about this divorce and you are already starting. Podcast dropping Nov 18th and I got some stuff to talk about. “You ain’t got to lie, Craig. You ain’t got to lie” #2mics1divorce #D***”

Kenya has yet to speak out on Gary Owen’s recent comments.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole