Mariah Carey’s New Memoir Will Discuss Her Humble Beginnings & The Public Humiliation She’s Experienced 

Mariah Carey’s New Memoir Will Discuss Her Humble Beginnings & The Public Humiliation She’s Experienced

Iconic vocalist Mariah Carey is undoubtedly one of the highest selling female singers of all time – check her credentials! But she heralds her will to succeed on her humble beginnings in Long Island, New York. Her challenging upbringing will be revealed in her upcoming memoir. The 49-year-old singer says that she’s ‘obsessed with writing right now’ and her planned memoir has served to be ‘so cathartic.’ Mariah Carey also shared what she reveal in the memoir.

“Born to a black father and white mother. Lived in basically very humble beginnings. Came out of it. Ups and downs, and this and that. And public humiliation and going through the wringer. But then you have an ‘Emancipation of Mimi’ moment. You have to relish that moment, be around real people that care about you and just shake off the other nonsense.”

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Mariah Carey

Her charity Camp Mariah was launched in conjunction with the Fresh Air Fund in 1994, gathering 250 low-income children in New York. They spend three weeks in Lower Hudson Valley, participating in classes such as film and photography – and are later given resources such as tutoring and job-shadowing. Mariah Carey says this about the camp:

“Camp Mariah is one of the things that makes me feel best about what I have done in my life and in my career because it has a direct impact on kids who don’t have other options. And yes, it’s for all the kids out there: male, female, whatever. It’s something that I feel has made a direct impact on people’s lives.”

She continued:

“It’s reinvigorating when people come up to you and tell you a story like ‘I don’t think I would be the person that I am without coming to this camp.’ That’s a big deal. It’s almost as big a deal as when someone says, ‘I wouldn’t be who I am without your music.’ Having this camp, it’s a physical place I can go and really experience these moments with the kids. There’s nothing like it.”

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay