Michelle Obama Tells Tyler Perry: Barack & I Couldn’t Be More Proud

Michelle Obama Tells Tyler Perry: Barack & I Couldn’t Be More Proud

The former First Lady, Michelle Obama took a moment to send her well wishes and praise to filmmaker, Tyler Perry following his histrionic opening of the first black owned major film studio with over 300-acre in Atlanta. In the former First Ladies tweet on Tuesday (Oct. 8th), she tells Perry how proud she and her beloved husband and 44th President, Barack Obama are of his accomplishment. She writes,

“So much love for Tyler Perry, who just opened the first major film studio lot fully owned by an African American. Barack and I couldn’t be more proud of you—thanks for showing that no matter what, progress keeps marching forward. What an inspiration.”

The following day (Oct. 9th), Perry responded on Instagram, writing how speechless the former First Ladies words resonated in his thoughts. He writes,

“I’m a writer, no words.”

He adds,

”I’m still trying to take it all in. Forgive me but all I can say right now is thank you!!!”

The biggest and brightest stars in Hollywood came out to celebrate Perry’s monumental moment including the likes of Oprah, Beyoncé, Jay-z, Jennifer Lewis, and Will Smith.

In a recent interview, Perry tells “CBS This Morning,” co-host Gayle King the opening of his $250 million studio studio is “poetic justice.” He says,

“Think about the poetic justice in that. The Confederate Army is fighting to keep Negroes enslaved in America, fighting, strategy, planning on this very ground. And now this very ground is owned by me.”

Congratulations Tyler Perry!

Authored by: Gregory Molette