27-Year-Old Seahawks Star Tyler Lockett Reveals He’s a Virgin In New Poetry Book ‘Reflections’

Tyler Lockett

27-Year-Old Seahawks Star Tyler Lockett Reveals He’s a Virgin In New Poetry Book ‘Reflections’

Seattle Seahawks star, Tyler Lockett recently opened up on his very intriguing beliefs in his new book of poems titled, “Reflections,” which will be released on October 15. In the book, Lockett shares some very personal information, reflecting on his mental health and his commitment of keeping his virginity. The 27-year-old Seattle Seahawks wide receiver says his girlfriend supports his faithfulness and that both are committed to save his virginity for marriage. He says during an interview:

“I have a girlfriend and she understands what I’m about and loves God as well. She’s cool with being able to wait until marriage. So, for me, as long as somebody understands what they’re getting into and respects it, that’s all that matters.”

Earlier this week, Lockett described “Reflection” as a self-help book to aid those who battle daily struggles with anxiety and depression,

“I never thought I would do a poetry book, to be honest. It really means a lot to me. I found out that the best way to be able to help somebody is to talk about yourself. One of the things I have in there in the introduction is if you talk about somebody else’s scars, they feel like they’re the victim and they feel like you’re coming at them. But if you talk about yourself and share your own scars, they’ll listen more and the conversation becomes more transparent.”

Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson gave his blessings on his teammate’s book, calling it a “Best seller.”

“I want to make sure everybody gets this book, it’s really, really powerful. I mean, this could be a best selling book.”

The book includes workshop questions, notes, and inspirational messages

“give readers an opportunity to reflect on their own lives as well.’’

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Authored by: Gregory Molette