Tiny Harris Says Kandi Burruss’ Mom Gave Her Marital Advice When She Was A Teen – “Do Not Marry For Love”

Tiny Harris Says Kandi Burruss’ Mom Gave Her M
arital Advice When She Was A Teen – “Do Not Marry For Love”

Tiny Harris (real name Tameka Harris), 44, revealed a past conversation with Mama Joyce, mother to Xscape member Kandi Burruss, during her early teen years. In a video the singer responds to a question (asked by husband, rapper T.I.) about marriage. She explains that Mama Joyce schooled her on finding the perfect husband. She says,

“I will never forget, when I was about 16, 15 years old, aunt Joyce, Kandi’s mama told me don’t marry for love. Marry for ummmm, what she say, security.”

The beloved couple, Tiny and T.I., have been together for over 20 years, while being nearly married for 10 of those years. After being together for two decades, the couple recently hit a roughy patch that nearly ended their marriage. On the couple’s reality show, ‘Family Hustle,’ the rapper defined their current status as “rather complicated” before giving the main reason why the pair simply cannot live in the same house. T.I. says,

“Yes, we’re married. Yes, we’re on good terms. No, we do not sleep in the same house, necessarily. I think our personalities are too big to fit under one roof. It might not work for nobody else, but it works for us.”

As the couple have continued to work through their marital issues including alleged infidelity, Tiny opened up this past summer during an interview on WGCI. She stated,

“I don’t really pay that no attention. Most of those women that are talking about ‘Oh you stayed with him after that…’ They’re still with a man that’s cheating probably every day and living probably the worst life.”

She added that dealing with infidelity comes with the territory of being in the entertainment industry.

“You know, I am okay. It’s not like ‘I’m okay with you cheating.’ But I know that in this industry it’s going to be tough to keep it all the way together. So you know, I feel like if it’s workable, if there’s still some love there, if we feel like this is what we wanna do, this is what we should do.”

Tiny filed for divorce from T.I.in December 2016. Shortly after, rumors swirled that he was allegedly cheating with a woman named Bernice Burgos. They have since reconciled.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette