DJ Envy Responds To Foxy Brown: “I Used To Write For Her! I Wish Her The Best, Though!”

Foxy Brown, DJ Envy

DJ Envy Responds To Foxy Brown: “I Used To Write For Her! I Wish Her The Best, Though!”

DJ Envy isn’t here for Foxy Brown‘s jabs. It all started with a “Breakfast Club” interview with music exec Don Pooh. The “world’s most dangerous morning show’s” DJ simply asked her former manager about the trajectory of Foxy Brown’s career:

“Whatever happened with Foxy? She had a great album, she had another album that came out, and it seemed as if things dwindled off.”

Foxy, then, responded – throwing jabs at DJ Envy on Instagram. She wrote:

“FISH A– ENVY @djenvy Act stupid if u want! D— near broke ur BACK carrying MY RECORDS & CHANEL LUGGAGE ’til DEF JAM sent u back to the HOOD!!!


She purposely LOW B—-! Got injured, bussed back, BIRTHED A GORGEOUS A– BABY GIRL… C—sucker 2020 the POP OFF!!!!! AGGY cuz we ain’t do Breakfast Club! D—RIDER, let KING B—- leave your mouth… Dem #BROOKLYNBOYZ outside! #LIL’DJCLUE”

Well, DJ Envy caught wind of Foxy Brown’s fiery post and issued a message of his own. He said this during Angela Yee‘s “Rumor Report” Monday (Jan. 6):

“Nobody understood why that question was so foul. I just asked what happened. She had a crazy album, and then she kind of dwindled off. What happened? You don’t hear her no more, and I just asked why…”

DJ Envy

He continued, hinting that Foxy Brown didn’t write her own rhymes in her hey-day:

“You know what, the funny about Foxy Brown is she’s a little delirious. Yeah, I used to DJ for Foxy Brown and I used to be with her writing team who used to help her write, and used to write for her. I actually produced a couple joints for her; one made it on my album, one made it on her album.”

Foxy Brown

DJ Envy added that she underpaid him while he served as her tour DJ:

“But I DJ’ed for her until the last show. I remember we were on the tour bus and she got $70,000 to perform…the bus stopped in front of Louis Vuitton in Manhattan. She gave us all our envelopes, ’cause everybody got paid…I grabbed my envelope, I open up the envelope and it was $300. I said ‘What can I buy at Louis Vuitton for $300? I can’t even buy a wallet! After that I said, ‘I’ll never DJ for her again!’ And I never DJ’ed for her again, but I wish her the best…”


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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay