Irv Gotti’s Ex Wife Recalls Him Dating Ashanti While They Were Separated, Producer Admits: Everyone Knows I Don’t F**k With Her

Ashanti, Irv Gotti

Irv Gotti Talks Beef With Ashanti ‘Everyone Knows I Don’t F*** With Her’

Things are still a little tense between Irv Gotti and his former Murder Inc. labelmate Ashanti

Gotti was dishing on an upcoming Murder Inc. tour on WeTV’s Growing Up Hip Hop: New York and said he’s not comfortable with some of the people who will be there.

“I really don’t f*** with some of them. I’ll say names. A piece of me is like, ‘I don’t want them around me.’ Me as a person, I get to choose who’s around me. If we’re doing a tour, they’re gonna be around me… [for] months. We’re gonna be on stage and to do this right, I gotta let bygones be bygones. But I’m in such a good place, I got so much great s*** to think about moving forward, I don’t wanna think about the bad s*** from the past.”

He then name-dropped Ashanti and said,

“Everyone knows I don’t f*** with Ashanti. We haven’t spoken in, I don’t know how long. With Ashanti, it’s a delicate situation. She is a big part of Murder, Inc. The fans want that, everybody wants that. It’s weird. Just how I have my version of what has happened with me and Ashanti, she has her version.”

His ex Deb Lorenzo pointed out,

“We were still married, but we were separated when they were dating. I was used to it from the beginning, like im going and traveling, I just wasn’t used to the women. That was new like, ‘where did these h*es come from?'”

Gotti previously spoke on his fallout with Ashanti in 2017 and said,

“It’s tough for me because people who have said things to me, and done things to me; it just doesn’t go away. It’s the Cancer in me – we love hard, but we hate hard, top. It’s just things that were said [between Ashanti and him].”

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Authored by: Char Patterson