Toni Braxton Breaks Her Silence For 1st Time Since Tamar Braxton’s Hospitalization

Toni Braxton Breaks Her Silence For The First Time Since Tamar’s Hospitalization

Toni Braxton breaks her silence amid her sister Tamar Braxton’s recent hospitalization. Toni took to her Instagram to spread a message about the importance of family and sisterhood. In the post, Toni writes,

“Family is everything! Especially sisters!”

As we first reported, Tamar Braxton was rushed to the hospital on July 17 after she was found unresponsive in her hotel room by her boyfriend David Adefeso. The couple was staying at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Los Angeles, when David found Tamar ‘unresponsive’. He also stated that Tamar had been drinking and took an unknown amount of prescription pills. At the time, David believed that it was an attempted suicide.

Tamar Braxton & David Adefeso

The audio from the 911 call that David Adefeso made when he found Tamar Braxton unresponsive was released. In the audio David is heard telling the dispatch about some of the medications the ‘Love and War’ singer was taking and gave details about her battle with WETv,

“She’s been drinking, it’s like a half a bottle, she’s on medication for depression, I don’t know how much.”

David  also adds that she sent ‘a letter’ earlier that day and that her network [Bravo] was at the root of upsetting her, which might be what led to the awful chain of events,

“She was very angry earlier on, she had trouble with her network … the company she’s working with. And they did something today. No no way.”

Tearfully you can hear David say,

“F***ing network.”

Before the audio cuts off, David apparently shocked and upset asks,

“And it’s come to this. When do you get free? At what point are you really free?” 

‘They’ve taken away her happiness, everything, and she holds back everything.”

Earlier this week, we exclusively reported that sources close to production question David’s motives during the 911 call and claimed that he was overly involved in Tamar’s business decisions and was concerned about how he would be portrayed on the show. A source close to production alleges that this is in fact true,

“David’s behavior on the show, with Tamar and production was alarming. He wanted to be VERY involved and wanted to be on camera, way more than expected from the very first day.”

We’re told production was allegedly under the impression that David would play a supportive role and not be on the show as much, as the focus was to be on Tamar.

“David constantly acted like he wanted to be behind-the-scenes and didn’t want to be on camera, but when production began he was always trying to be on camera. Even when he wasn’t scheduled to be in a scene – he would make sure that he was involved in some way and would make the scene about him, so that he could get more time on camera. He wanted this to be the ‘David and Tamar’ show.”

The source alleges,

“And when he wasn’t there he was always calling Tamar and stressing her out – production was concerned more so with how he was affecting Tamar’s ability to focus on working on herself, which is what she said she wanted to do.”

We’re told that once David saw the trailer and how he was ‘portrayed’ he allegedly became very upset.

“This reality show was different in that the audience saw exactly what was shot. Those scenes where he’s inserting himself into the process, yelling at Goli (Samii) and telling Tamar what to do and how to handle herself – that’s what really happened. And I don’t think he expected to come off like that – he doesn’t want the world to see that. He was livid when he saw it. This was supposed to be his big moment where he was officially introduced to the world and that’s not the image he wanted to portray.”

Tamar Braxton

In recent Tamar news, as the singer is currently hospitalized, WeTv made the decision to postpone the season premiere of her new show “Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life!”

The network has announced that it will postpone the show until Sept. 10, citing that its

“first concern is for her recovery and well-being”.

The statement, posted on their official WeTV Instagram account further expresses,

“This series was conceived by Tamar and is a real portrait of a dynamic woman juggling the demands of being a single mother, a new relationship and her career.”  

The statement continues,

“We know, when the time is right, Tamar’s fans will relate to seeing this honest portrait of her life, but-at the moment-we are joining with her fans and sending strength and healing in the hope that she is getting the support and help she needs at this difficult time.” 

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla