T.I. Says 9 Year Relationship To Wife Tiny Has Been Great: She Is Very Tolerant


    T.I. & Tiny

T.I. Salutes Tiny For Being ‘Tolerant’ During Their Marriage

We saw T.I. and Tiny go through some ups and downs.

But ever since Tiny called off their divorce in 2017, the two seem to be stronger than ever. Now, T.I. is clapping it up for his wife after she stood by him in their toughest times.

Tiny was a recent host on her husband’s ExpidiTIously podcast, and the couple two opened up about their marriage in the two-part episode. He said,

 “I can tell everyone how great it’s been to spend the last 9 years with such a tolerant woman. I will say she is very tolerant.

T.I. added,

“[Women] want [men] to come already fixed [before marriage], and you kind of have to give them a little time to work the rust off.”

Tiny somewhat agreed and shared her own thoughts.

“That’s true, but I think a strong woman can also help with that process. You can kind of help influence by not trying to influence — by just doing being great… Just being great at what you do and making him want to change things — without making him do it. It works and sometimes it don’t work.”

Still, Tiny seemed to hit a soft spot when she said that how men are in their relationships (i.e. cheating) will come back when the man has a daughter of his own.

“You gotta get some kinda payback. that’s what daddies do, they get payback for doing the kinds of things that they do to women. When their daughters grow up, it’s a lesson to learn, a real one.

T.I. responded and said,

“Its’ all about your actions. For instance, let’s say there’s a young man who does everything right to every girlfriend he ever had. He grows up and has a daughter, but he stays out on the road, doesn’t invest any time in his daughter’s life. The good that he did before he had a daughter, is not gonna keep his daughter from sucking cucumbers. It works in the reversal. No matter how you did women before you had a daughter, as long as you invest the time and energy into your daughter’s life, you got to put those thot prevention program hours into your daughter’s life.”

Tiny still disagreed and said,

“That doesn’t mean they’re not gonna go through it… that’s the circle of life.”

See it at the 6:11 mark.

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Authored by: Char Patterson