Meek Mill’s Rumored Girlfriend Milan Harris Says They’re NOT In A Relationship ‘That’s My Friend’

Meek Mill, Milan Harris

Meek Mill’s Rumored Girlfriend Milan Harris Says They’re NOT In A Relationship ‘That’s My Friend’

If you ask Milan Harris, despite recent reports, she and Meek Mill aren’t an item.

Milan Harris, who’s the founder of Milano Di Rouge clothing line, broke her silence on rumors that she and Meek Mill have been dating for quite a while. When asked about Meek’s very public support for her brand, Milan Harris tells the Boom 103.9,

“To be honest, Meek was the first celebrity to ever wear my stuff. In 2012 he wore one of my hoodies. And it was an $80 hoodie at the time. And that’s literally when I started… people think I shouldn’t have an $80 hoodie either. But he wore one of my hoodies.”

She said they connected through a mutual friend who was in the studio with the rapper.

“My best friend was in the studio with him and he said, ‘Tell that I Am Milan’ chick to come down and give me some gear. So I took a picture… He never posted it. I put it on my Instagram so people wanted to buy.”

As for why she was spotted at one of his turkey giveaway events in their hometown Philly, Milan Harris explained that she was helping out with his Dreamchaser organization.

“People didn’t know, but I was working with the whole Dreamchaser thing. I’m the one that helped to pull merch. That’s why I was there. I’m very private with my businesses. The only one that you’re gonna know is Milano Di Rouge. Everything else, if it doesn’t need to be exposed, it won’t be exposed. I do a lot of work for other people on the side. I just let people assume what they wanna think. I’m not here to clear up rumors, I’m here to do my job. That’s why I was there at a lot of different things. And that’s why I’m always posting a bunch of different things. I was literally working on the merch side.”

When asked if they were actually dating, she said,

“No. Meek supports Milano and I support Meek.  That’s my friend.”

She also shut down rumors he bought her a car.

“I work hard for everything I got. I take pride in being able to get my dream car. That’s something that I wanted to do. And I wanted to do for myself. I bought that car myself. My apartment? I got that. My building, my store? I paid for that. I worked my butt off to do that… I wanted to show that I could do this on my own, and that’s what I did.”

She went on to speak on photos of the two of them on a jet together.

“We’re always on a private jet. It’s so many people flying with us. It’s so many people on them jets with us.”

She then said she would describe him as,

“My homie.”

See the clip below.

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