Jazmine Sullivan Gets Reflective About Past Abusive Relationship: Thank God you’re not where you used to be!

Jazmine Sullivan

Jazmine Sullivan

There’s nothing like bouncing back from a dead-end, not going anywhere, hurtful for your soul type of relationship. And that’s just the type of relationship Jazmine Sullivan was in. The 28-year-old singer has been transparent about her past relationship, sharing that abuse was involved and she stayed way too long, but thankfully had the courage to throw up the deuces.

Over the weekend, Jazmine got reflective on Instagram, visiting a store that brought her memories of her past.

Posting the photo above, she wrote:

I have an interesting story abt pier1. The last time I was in this store was during my abusive relationship w my ex 3-4 years ago.


Authored by: TJB Writer