Tiny Confesses To T.I. That She Was ‘Having Fun Times’ When They Were Separated

T.I. and Tiny

Tiny Confesses To T.I. That She Was ‘Having Fun Times’ When They Were Separated

Tiny and T.I. are going strong after their divorce scare. But Tiny is opening up about her brief stint as a single woman, and from the sounds of it, she had a good time.

While she wasn’t seeing other men, she was making the best of it all. She said during his ExpidiTIously podcast,

“I wasn’t with no man. I didn’t have no man…No, I didn’t have male company. But I didn’t miss it, either…I didn’t miss it. I was getting money…I was running my s***. I was goddamn kicking it. I was going where I wanted to go. You know what I’m saying? I was having fun times.”

“I cut my ties…it was a separation…there was a time I was not married.”

“When you wasn’t married I cut myself, away.”

Now, they’re doing just fine and keeping things spicy after being married 18 years and married for 9.

“I mean, I think you just got to be spontaneous. You got to be open-minded to just trying to find new ways to keep your love hot.”

Still, Tiny is confident about not leaning on a man too much.

“You don’t have to have a man’s love-to feel whole. That’s all I’m saying.”

Also on the podcast, Tiny revealed that her Mama Joyce, the mother of Tiny’s friend, Kandi Burruss, urged her to not marry for love, but for security.

Also in the episode, T.I.commended Tiny for being “tolerant” during their time together.

 “I can tell everyone how great it’s been to spend the last 9 years with such a tolerant woman. I will say she is very tolerant.”

Tiny also responded after T.I. said women want to have men who are already put together and perfect and don’t want to go through the process of helping each other grow.

“That’s true, but I think a strong woman can also help with that process. You can kind of help influence by not trying to influence — by just doing being great… Just being great at what you do and making him want to change things — without making him do it. It works and sometimes it don’t work.”

See the conversation starting at the 6:11 mark.

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Authored by: Char Patterson