Monica Changes Name On Social Media From Monica Brown Amid Divorce To Shannon Brown

Shannon Brown, Monica (circa 2012)

Monica Changes Name On Social Media From Monica Brown Amid Divorce To Shannon Brown

Monica is making one change at a time after she filed for divorce from her husband, Shannon Brown. Most recently she switched up her Instagram handle. Now, instead of going by @monicabrown, she’s @monicadenise.

The change comes just months after she took the first step to end her nearly nine-year marriage with the former NBA star.

While her reason is still a mystery, she did shut down speculation that it was because he cheated. She spoke on her history with infidelity and said that wasn’t her “issue” with Brown.

“Luckily, for us, it wasn’t another person that was the issue but in the times that I’ve experienced that, I definitely act out very harshly. So that part of the growth has been good. Me being hurt repeatedly allowed me to say, ‘Okay, how do you deal with hurt?’”

She added that,

“Even though I’m on reality TV, there’s certain parts and elements of it that I’ve never discussed because when you get married, it is between the two of you and whatever happens within it, it’s us and God. No matter what happens, he will always get my absolute respect, gratitude and also my assistance in being a part of whatever his life becomes … I’ll be there to support because that’s what I vowed to do, even when the other side of it does not work.”

Monica filed for divorce back in March.

She and Brown married in November 2010. They have daughter Laiyah, 6, together.

Brown was also a strong figure for Monica’s sons, Rocko and Romelo, who she has from a previous relationship.


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Authored by: Char Patterson