Patti LaBelle Recalls Being Dissed By A ‘Huge’ Singer: That Heifer Looked At Me & Walked Away

Patti LaBelle

Patti LaBelle Recalls Being Dissed By A ‘Huge’ Singer: That Heifer Looked At Me & Walked Away

Patti LaBelle is an icon in her own right. But not everyone is impressed by her star power.

The Godmother of Soul detailed the moments she’s been dissed by a few other famous singers during her decades in the industry.

“It’s not what they say, it’s what they don’t say. I’m loving on you and hugging on you and stuff, and you’re like, backing away from me. It happened two weeks ago.”

She said that the shade came from a younger singer, but wouldn’t reveal who it was. Still, we’ll know sooner than later.

“You’ll see soon. I’m making a movie of people who dissed me… I promise you. It’s called ‘Patti’s Sad Days.’ I’m gonna say names. I can’t give you a hint because you’ll know.”

She added another incident that happened previously.

“Actually, two years ago, one of the biggest girls dissed me big time. I said ‘Hi’ walking in the hallway, we were doing a BET special. That heifer looked at me and walked away… I can’t tell you [who] yet. Watch my movie… She’s huge!”

When asked if it was Beyonce, she said,

“No way, that’s my baby! She’s like my daughter.”

She also denied that it was Rihanna and said,

“No, that’s my other little girl.”

She gave a hint and said she’s Black but also said it wasn’t Alicia Keys or Ashanti, and added that they were her “babies” too.

“I have a bunch of kids who look to me as their mama or their auntie, and some of them look at me as this singer they just don’t wanna bang with.”

She went on to say the mystery person is a

“Rapper, singer, dancer [and] chef.”

She then said it wasn’t Nicki Minaj or Lizzo before she revealed she also got hate for her famous Patti Pies. She said fans will find out who she’s talking about when her movie comes out next month.

“You’ll see. I’m 75, I’ve been dissed all my life. So I gotta let everybody know who dissed Ms. Patti Patti. I can’t even tell you who they are, it’s in my movie though.”

Only time will tell if she was serious about a movie coming out.

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