Rapper Boosie Says He’s Not Impressed With Popeye’s Highly Anticipated Chicken Sandwich: This B**ch Regular [VIDEO]

Lil’ Boosie Says He’s Not Impressed w/ The Return of Popeye’s Highly Anticipated Chicken Sandwich – “This B**ch Regular”

Rapper Lil’ Boosie (real name Torrence Hatch Jr.), 36, took to his Instagram over the weekend (Nov. 3rd), sharing his thoughts of the return of Popeye’s highly anticipated chicken sandwich. Like countless others, Boosie says in his video after the two month wait, he sent a friend to pick up his first taste of the famous chicken sandwich to understand what the hype was all about. After their 40 minute wait, to the rapper’s surprise, Boosie says he wasn’t too impressed with the outcome. He says,

“This b*tch is not all that, and I’m mad because I’ve been bucked up off this b*tch. This b*tch regular. I don’t give a f**k what no ni**a say. Either somebody was f***ng lying; I don’t know but this b*tch regular man. Y’all trippin.”


While Boosie may have felt a way about the taste of the sandwich, it’s still a hit nationwide. As previously reported, the fast-food chain is has reportedly hired an extra 400 additional workers to prepare for the chicken sandwich’s comeback. Popeyes is also looking at putting two employees on sandwich duty at a time when the item returns.

Popeyes’s parent company Restaurant Brands International also said in a statement,

“Our franchisees have worked to increase staffing. We have been working diligently to bring the sandwich back to our restaurants soon, as we know our guests are anxiously anticipating its return. As soon as we’re ready to announce a date, we will let the world know!”

The fast-food chain made roughly $65 million after going on sale before the sandwich sold out back in August. All thanks to the underrated effects from social media, according to reports.


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Authored by: Gregory Molette