Cyntoia Brown-Long Defends Husband Against Critics: You Can See Your Way Out My Comments & Off Of My Page

Jamie Long, Cyntoia Brown-Long

Cyntoia Brown-Long Claps Back At Diss Against Husband Jamie Long ‘You Can See Your Way Out My Comments And Off Of My Page’

Cyntoia Brown-Long does NOT play about her husband Jamie Long! 

While the two tied the knot while she was in jail, with no word on if she would ever be a free woman, Jamie has received criticism as some accuse him of being with Cyntoia now that she’s famous.

And it looks like Cyntoia has had enough. One Instagram user learned that the hard way when they wrote,

“He just want the fame. Just watch.”

Cyntoia clapped back,

“Let me be clear for once and for all: if you are here to disrespect my husband, then you are disrespecting me as well. You can say what you want, but you won’t do it on MY page.”

Jamie Long, Cyntoia Brown

She went on to salute Jamie and wrote,

“Jamie is an incredible man and my BEST FRIEND and I’ve spent the past three years of my life with him as my rock. When you see him at my side, it’s because he is supporting his wife — as a real man is supposed to.”

She ended with,

“If you have a problem with our marriage then you can kindly see your way out of my comments, and off of my page. I don’t need your negative vibes in my notifications.”

Interestingly enough, Cyntoia was serving a murder sentence behind bars when she and Jamie married. She was convicted for shooting and killing a man who sex-trafficked her when she was 16. She was granted clemency and released earlier this year, after 15 years, and landed a book deal to tell her story.

That’s also when fans found out about her marriage with Jamie. 

Jamie previously addressed his critics, including his first wife Pamela Long of girl group Total, during an interview last month.

Keisha Epps, Pamela Long and Kima Raynor of Total

Jamie said,

“What do I have for sale? I no longer participate in the music industry. That’s not my thing. I gave that up. I tend to my home, I tend to my wife, I tend to my business. We are very financially stable. I’ve heard something about… because my wife has a book deal… with our without a book deal my wife is gonna be straight, cause we straight.”

Cyntoia co-signed,

“And I been straight. I don’t know why people think the minute your name is all over the place, all of a sudden you’re rich. He’s been taking care of me. Everybody just assumes they know things and they don’t.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson