Eric B. Jailed Over Warrant From 17 Years Ago

Eric B. Released After 2 Weeks In Jail For Failing To Appear In Court In 2002, Fears “Blue Bloods” Role Is In Jeopardy

Eric B.

Eric Barrier, better known as Eric B. – the DJ counterpart to legendary MC, Rakim – has reportedly been in New Jersey police custody since October 28th. While visiting Vermont, he was made aware that he had an arrest warrant stemming from a 2001 incident in which he failed to appear in court. Seventeen years later, he was taken into custody.

Eric’s attorney, Patrick Toscano, told outlets that he was scheduled to appear in court for sentencing regarding charges of aggravated assault and resisting arrest in 2002. However, his attorney at the time advised that there’d be no need to appear in court. In a letter to the judge, Patrick commented:

“Mr. Bergrin [Eric B.’s former attorney] told Mr. Barrier that his case was ‘dismissed’ because he was accepted into PTI (pre-trial intervention). When Mr. Barrier asked Mr. Bergrin if he was sure of that, Mr. Bergrin advised him that he definitely did not need to appear, and that Mr. Bergrin would be in court on that date to handle everything for him.”

In fact, Eric Barrier reportedly never received any notice to appear in court, or that he had an outstanding warrant. His attorney wrote:

“Indeed, (Barrier) is a highly public figure and currently is a cast member on the television show ‘Blue Bloods’ and is easily reachable at all times.”

The hip-hop legend is afraid that his role on CBS’ “Blue Bloods” may be compromised due to the arrest. Patrick wrote:

“…he will likely have his contract voided if he is not released from the (jail) at this time to explain this entire situation to his producers/directors. Bergrin’s counsel to Mr. Barrier was flawed, fraudulent, unethical and deceptive, through no fault of Mr. Barrier.”

Eric B. was released yesterday, (11/12/19), according to

A court summons ain’t no joke. 

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay