R. Kelly’s Girlfriend Joycelyn Savage: I’m A Victim, He Promised To Make Her The Next Aaliyah!

R. Kelly’s Live-In Girlfriend Joycelyn Savage Reveals ‘I’m A Victim’, Says He Promised To Make Her The Next Aaliyah

Joycelyn Savage is singing a different tune.

After first defending R. Kelly amid claims that he sexually assaulted several young girls, including her, Joycelyn Savage is speaking out and sharing a different side of her truth.

She vowed to post more details of her alleged experiences with R. Kelly weekly. In her first post called “Where It All Started” shared Saturday (Nov. 23), she was “risking her life” to speak out. She detailed how she met R. Kelly when she was 19-years-old at one of his concerts. She said while it was “fun” she had “mixed emotions.” But she stayed around because R. Kelly allegedly told her,

“Baby girl you are going to be the next Aaliyah.”

After getting closer to him, she withdrew from school and moved in with R. Kelly full time.

“After these couple of months Robert started giving me commands, and making sure I call him by certain names. Like ‘Master’ or ‘Daddy’ which I didn’t really care for at the time. If I wasn’t getting paid or pursuing my dream I would’ve went home, but all of that didn’t stop just yet. But It started getting worse by day by day, he would raise his voice at me if I didn’t call him by those two names. If Robert called me I would have to reply with ‘Yes, daddy’ or ‘Please daddy’ he was so controlling.”

She said that when she asked to do things like speak privately speak to her parents (as they publicly called out R. Kelly for holding her against her will and brainwashing her), he often threatened,

“All this can stop today, you want a career? Or do you want to live a normal life’ basically trying to make me do what he wants.”

Her father, Timothy Savage, has since responded and had no idea Joycelyn was going public. He urged her to call him, or her grandmother.

Her mother, Jonjelyn Savage, shared similar sentiments.

R. Kelly is currently in jail as he awaits trial on more than a dozen counts including child pornography and obstruction of justice.

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Authored by: Char Patterson