‘Power’ Actor Rotimi Goes Public With Girlfriend Singer Vanessa Mdee [Photos]

‘Power’ Actor Rotimi Goes Public w/ Girlfriend Singer Vanessa Mdee – “It was love at first sight”

Power,’ actor Rotimi took to Instagram on Monday (Nov. 25th), revealing his new lady Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee. The pair snapped a cozy elevator picture while having a date night on Atlanta. According to the reports, they met over the summer. The actor shared their cute date night selfie while caressing Vanessa’s hip.

During an interview, Vanessa confirmed their romantic and referred to their attraction being instant and how,

“It was love at first sight”

Vanessa adds,

“Rotimi has more knowledge than I do. He is a guy who advises me. Advice that I have not been given by anyone. Sitting with him can make you think “what have I been doing with my life?” It is like I was doing nothing with my life.”

The singer also shared their weekly date night on Monday. She writes,

“Monday night is date night.”

Earlier this month, the two seemingly spend some quality time on set of the sequel of ‘Coming to America,’ where Rotimi is set to have a role. Vanessa shared a flirty moment behind the scenes while sitting in Rotimi’s trailer. In the photo, she’s seen giving a huge grin with the actor slightly in the background. Vanessa writes,

“He made Wednesday bring bae to work day.”

Since the summer, the two have posted a few flirty messages on Instagram. In one photo from September, the ‘Coming 2 America,’ actor posed question for his lover,

“Do you love when I think about you.”

In addition, Vanessa snapped a picture in one a oversized men’s hoodie in October.

Vanessa Mdee, who previously dated fellow Tanzanian artist Jux, ended their relationship less than a year ago.

The two made their break up public after being in an on and off relationship for some time. Reportedly, the singer and her ex still remain friends.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette