Ja Rule Posts Sexy, Shirtless Photo

Ja Rule Posts Shirtless Amidst Being Cleared From Frye Festive Lawsuit

Ja Rule and his muscles took to Instagram on Tuesday (Nov. 26th), sharing an image of the New York rapper sitting in an upright position shirtless while starring deep into the eyes of the lens. The 43-year-old (real name Jeffrey Atkins), shows off his numerous body tattoos including his very eye catching chest tattoo that says “Hit Man.” Ja Rule, who was recently cleared of any wrongdoing for his involvement in the highly publicized Frye Festival, has no regrets as he looks to move forward, he writes on Tuesday,

”I’ll think about it”

According to reports last week, a judge sided with Ja Rule and finally blocked any further attempt to go after the rap star in the $100 million class. Judge P. Kevin Castel ruled,

“This Court rejected plaintiffs’ conclusory assertions that they relied on defendants’ representations about the Festival as insufficient to state a claim for fraud. In the case of Atkins, plaintiffs alleged an actionable false statement, but failed to allege that they acted in reliance thereon.”

He recently shared his experience with the festival will help him moving forward.

“It’s so crazy because I’m a person that doesn’t regret anything. If it happened, it happened. I try to look at everything as the glass half full. There was a lot of bad that came with the Fyre Festival, obviously, but there were some good things there too. A lot of lessons were learned. I’m taking all that into consideration going into my next venture.”

The class action lawsuit against Fyre Festival and founder Billy McFarland is still ongoing.

Back in October, Ja Rule revealed that he is set to release new music with a new album titled 12.Twelve.XII that’s due in December.

Ja Rule’s 12.Twelve.XII will be the rapper’s first album since 2012’s Pain Is Love 2. The upcoming LP is being released through his new independent imprint, which shares the same name as the ICONNic music festival he’s been teasing following his involvement in the disastrous Fyre Festival.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette