Flavor Of Love’s Deelishis & Exonerated Five’s Raymond Santana Are Engaged! 

Ex Reality Star Deelishis & Exonerated Five’s Raymond Santana Are Engaged!

Congratulations to Raymond Santana Jr. and his new fiancée, former reality star Deelishis (real name Chandra Davis). On Thursday (Dec. 5th). Raymond Santana, famously known as one of the exonerated “Central Park Five” men, made things official with former Flavor Of Love reality star, asking for her hand in marriage. In a clip, the couple is seen at a restaurant as Raymond, 45, pulls a huge diamond ring out of a cute, Tiffany Blue box then slips her new engagement ring on Deelishis’ finger. The happily engaged activist proudly says,

“Yea its official.. Ya can really hate me now!! Deelishis is officially off the market… Shes all mines.”


As previously reported, the two were first spotted together on a date, Monday (Oct. 28). Raymond posted a snapshot of him and Deelishis together in Atlanta.

“Date night with this beauty…”

Just a week prior, Raymond allegedly first met the reality star during a speaking engagement at Washington University in St. Louis. He stated about their meeting:

“Last night I had the honor.. Deelishis almost was ready to shoot my shot!!! Beautiful soul to match a beautiful spirit. Along with a beautiful face. She almost had me. But it was such an honor to meet her in person.”

In response, Deelishis says,

“Closed mouths don’t get fed. Shoot”

Since shooting his first shoot with Deelishis, the two have just about been inseparable over the last few weeks. They vacationed together in Cancún, Mexico Friday (Nov. 8). Deelishis writes,

“He said “London I was judged by many, even accused and convicted of a crime I never committed… trust me I know what it feels like to be judge by people who know NOTHING about you” ….. I’ve been smiling ever since”

This is Raymond’s first public relationship following the release of Ava Duvernay‘s When They See Us. As far as Deelishis, the former reality star was been linked to Flavor Flav, Laz, Alonzo, Rick Ross, and Wiz Khalifa in the past.

Congratulation to Raymond and Deelishis!

Authored by: Gregory Molette