Eva Marcille Defends “Nappy-Headed” Comment About ‘RHOA’ Co-Stars: I Am Definitely Head Of The Nappy Hair Committee

Eva Marcille Defends “Nappy-Headed” Comment About ‘RHOA’ Co-Stars: I Am Definitely Head Of The Nappy Hair Committee

Eva Marcille isn’t one for the drama on this season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and she explained her most recent run-ins with her fellow peaches during her day job – the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” Eva Marcille defended her shocking “nappy-headed” comment from the 12th season premiere that aired Nov. 3.

Eva Marcille said recently,

“I am definitely head of the Nappy Hair Committee – me, my momma, and my daughter. And anybody that identifies with us? Welcome. And if you don’t identify with that, that’s totally fine. I mean, nothing offensive. I happen to be a Black woman…I explained to my daughter yesterday. She was rolling around on the grass, and got grass all in her hair. As I tried to take it out, she began to cry. I said, ‘Baby, you are Black. You have beautiful curls called naps. It’s gon’ hurt!’ It’s just what it is! I’m not offended by the things that make me beautifully Black.”

Her co-star Porsha Williams didn’t see it that way. See her previous thoughts on it below.

This season, we’ve also seen issues between Eva Marcille and her co-star Kenya Moore, who returned this season after taking a break for season 11.

Eva Marcille addressed her tension with Kenya Moore and said,

“Kenya – to me – started it. And it happens all the time this way on the show. One of the young ladies will start a beef and then someone will respond, and they’ll get upset and cry victim when you respond in a matter in which they don’t appreciate. But we go back to how it all started, which I don’t appreciate. I gifted Kenya a doll from Pottery Barn Kids and a blanket for her new baby’s presentation party. And apparently she was upset with me for saying I didn’t bring my children because I thought she had bad energy, per Porsha’s relay…and then starts taking jabs on social media, which is the crazy part!”

Kenya Moore, Eva Marcille

She also said she isn’t done taking digs at Marlo Hampton, with whom she’s had beef with since last season.

“Be clear, I don’t have real beef with Marlo. Marlo just got a mouth, and she says what she wants…last season I came in tip-toeing around everyone. I was very nice. And then this season, I’m pregnant and I don’t have time for the drama. So when Marlo comes around and I know she’s here for the drama, I’m leaving! I have a baby in utero!…if that’s the dig, then I got a couple more shovels!”

Oop! Watch the full clip of Eva Marcille on the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show” below.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay