Moniece Slaughter Tearfully Reveals She Ended Her Pregnancy At 29 Weeks Due To ‘A Heart Condition,’ Says Her Husband Chose To ‘Denounce’ Her Afterward

Moniece Slaughter Tearfully Reveals She Ended Her Pregnancy At 29 Weeks Due To ‘A Heart Condition,’ Says Her Husband Chose To ‘Denounce’ Her Afterward

Update (March 11, 2024): Moniece Slaughter is opening up about her decision to terminate her 2022 pregnancy after she was accused of lying about being with child.

The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood veteran tearfully shared via Instagram Live on Monday (March 11) that she was forced to end the pregnancy due to a heart condition at 29 weeks along. In the emotional video, she is seen wiping her tears as she says,

“For everybody that’s calling me a liar about my pregnancy– If you were there for me, I love you. I appreciate you. You saw the medical papers and the ultrasounds and you were there for me on the day of my D&C. I’m grateful. I am tired.”

Calling out those who didn’t believe her about her pregnancy or marriage, the outspoken star continued,

“To say that you can’t believe that I was married to my husband because you think I lied about a pregnancy, a pregnancy that I bled out three times for, was hospitalized for, fought tooth and nail to keep. I had my tubes tied on the table on the day of my D&C.”

The star, who welcomed son Kameron with her ex-fiancé and former B2K member Lil Fizz, said she will “never experience motherhood again the natural way,” adding, “and that’s fine.”

She stood by her decision to get the Dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure, which according to the Cleveland Clinic, removes tissue from inside the uterus. Moniece Slaughter said,

“But I had to do what I had to do. I had to do it on a heart condition. And I chose the best route for me which was I chose to terminate at 29 weeks– almost full term. If anybody wants to know, let’s just put it to rest. Let’s just put it to bed. Let’s just move on.”

Referencing her parents’ speculation that she wasn’t truly pregnant, Moniece Slaughter said,

“Y’all could believe my mother. Y’all could believe whoever you want but the people that were there were there. They saw my stomach. They saw my daughter kicking, they saw my stomach moving.”

She detailed her experience and called out her husband for abandoning her at her most trying moment,

“I was in the dentist for prenatal gingivitis. My teeth were cracking at the crown… I was cracking teeth. You want to know what happened to my show? I wasn’t willing to film losing my child, that I didn’t have a stillborn, I didn’t miscarry, I chose, I made a decision.”

For my ex-husband, the man that described me as the woman of his dreams, introduced me to his children, spent time around my son, answered my phone when I was down after my surgery, was in a group chat with me and my family to denounce our marriage and marriages that I hold sacred.”

She added,

“We can laugh, we can joke, we can play. But I am in pain.”

Her fellow former LHHH star, Masika Kalysha, then came on camera and said Moniece was “rehearsing for a movie,” which Moniece could be heard denying in the background.


Original Story (Feb. 22, 2022): Moniece Slaughter is fed up after her parent’s latest comments about her pregnancy.

Following statements that they don’t believe the reality TV star is pregnant, Moniece Slaughter says she will sue everyone who makes false comments about her pregnancy, directed at her mother and stepfather, as well as the outlets who publish “unfact checked” stories about her.

Moniece Slaughter

Earlier last month, 34-year-old songstress Moniece Slaughter took to her Instagram live to share with followers that she’s pregnant and expecting a baby girl.

After the announcement, her mother and stepfather, Marla and David Thomas, have made discrediting claims about the pregnancy, stating they don’t believe it’s true based on “evident they’ve encountered”.

During their Valentine’s Day Q&A, the parents were asked if they think it’s true that their daughter is pregnant, to which stepfather David Thomas responded:

“Only time will actually tell.”

Insinuating he may believe there to be some untruths told about the singer/songwriters pregnancy. Following up, her mother Marla stated:

“For us, that question, neither one of us believe that, based on evidence that we’ve encountered. However, it’s sad no matter what. I think that for Moniece to put herself in a situation, is sad. Because, either one of the two options aren’t good.”


She continued:

“To fabricate a pregnancy and to fabricate a loss is bad. In Moniece’s state of mind, to have a baby would also be tragic at this point in Moniece’s life. In the same foolishness and mess that she had herself in the last time. Meaning, you’re already at odds with who you’re pointing the finger at to be the father…if they were a baby.”

Moniece quickly responded to the claims via an Instagram comment, stating that she’s going to take steps to publicly prove her pregnancy and then sue everyone who misspoke on it for defamation and harassment, as well as anyone who published unfact checked stories regarding her pregnancy.

The comment reads:

“These were taken In DECEMBER! Tomorrow we’ll see January’s growth. Then the day after that we gon look at this month in real time. Then ima pee on a stick on ig live. Then ima sue everybody for Defamation cyber stalking slander and harassment. Then ima sue everybody who partook in not fact check-in and ran false stories.”


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Authored by: Kay Johnson