Lil Nas X Has Panties Thrown On Stage During Performance [VIDEO]

Lil Nas X Has Panties Thrown On Stage During Performance [VIDEO]

Rapper Lil Nas X, 20, got a little extra love during a recent performance.

A fan tossed a personal gift on stage for the “Old Town Road” hitmaker.

A video of Lil Nas X shows him hyping up the crowd when an item is thrown on stage. Turns out it was a pair of panties! Lil Nas X revealed what the mysterious item was when he posted the video on Instagram Monday (Dec. 16) and wrote,

“Just realized someone threw some panties on stage.”

After sharing, he jokingly teased fans in his comments when asked to keep them.

”Already gottem on.”

It’s great to see Lil Nas X in good spirits after he made a vulnerable moment of reflection earlier this month. He wrote,

“I usually deal with my sad times in private because I don’t like for my fans or family to feel sorry for me. This year had a lot of very high ups and extremely low downs. When u get to that hotel room and it’s just you, you do a lot of thinking. Small things become so BIG.”

“I like to pretend hate and s*** don’t get to me, but subconsciously it eats away at me. feeling like u have the world and knowing it can all go away at any time is scary. with all this being said i want anyody who cared enough to read this to just live in the moment. love u guys”

As previously reported, just months before his reflection tweets, the rising star announced that he would be taking a break after a whirlwind few months.

“It’s been a wild last 7 months and im ready to take a little time off. Sorry to everyone attending twitchcon or the sandbox music festival, I will not be there. I love u guys and will make it up to you some way.”

His last 7 months included a record-breaking #1 hit, and revealing that he’s homosexual.

We hope Lil Nas X is getting much-needed rest!


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Authored by: Gregory Molette