Suge Knight Ordered To Pay Death Row’s First VP $107 Million

Suge Knight

Suge Knight Ordered To Pay Death Row’s First VP $107 Million

Suge Knight might be behind bars, but he has a major debt to pay.

A Los Angeles judge ruled that the Death Row leader owes Lydia Harris $107 million Wednesday (Dec. 18), according to reports.

This case has been going on for more than a decade as Lydia Harris was initially awarded the hefty amount back in 2005, thanks to Suge Knight’s refusal to respond to her lawsuit. She first filed the lawsuit in 2002 with claims that she was half owner of Death Row. She said she served as the label’s first vice president, and noted that her now ex-husband Michael Harry O’Harris, who is currently jail, invested in the label in 1989.

Suge Knight circa 2019, poses in jail with his daughter

Still, Lydia made in interesting move in September when she sided with Suge Knight and convinced Judge David Sotelo of the L.A. Superior Court to vacate the $107 million award in her favor, causing Suge Knight not to owe her a penny. She later said she did this because she didn’t expect Knight to actually pay. He was sentenced to 28 years for his part in a fatal hit-and-run and has only served one year so far. She also said she filed for bankruptcy and no longer had any rights to Death Row.

But she couldn’t back out that easily. Her legal team responded and said she couldn’t cancel the $107 million award because they were owed 40% of it.

Now, Judge Sotelo overturned the September ruling and determined that Knight does in fact owe Lydia $107 million.

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Authored by: Char Patterson