Phaedra Parks Crowned With Read Of The Decade For Epic ‘RHOA’ Moment [WATCH]

Phaedra Parks

Phaedra Parks Crowned With The Read Of The Decade For Epic ‘RHOA’ Moment & Twitter Is Overjoyed [WATCH]

Say what you want about Phaedra Parks but sis can deliver a good read!

The former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star is currently a top trending topic on Twitter as some fans agree that she had the best read of the decade.

In a clip, she went head-to-head with none other than Kenya Moore for the season 6 reunion that aired in May 2014. She and Kenya Moore had been battling all season long after Phaedra Parks took issue with Kenya Moore’s conduct with her then husband Apollo Nida.

Host Andy Cohen read a question from a fan and asked Kenya Moore about her closeness with Apollo Nida. Phaedra Parks answered and said their feud had been going on for years.

Phaedra Parks answered the question and handed what’s now being considered the best read of the 2010s.

“She needs a storyline. She keeps re-bringing it up. This happened in 2012. It’s 2014 now. She’s still trying to use this because she has nothing else going on. And while she’s sitting around, running around talking about my husband, the father of my children, ands she spends her weekend peddling through sperm banks, looking through catalogs, trying to find a donor… honey you don’t know if your baby daddy will be an axe murderer or a child molester. But what you will know is that he needed $10 to get a medium-sized pizza so he ejaculated in a cup so that you could have a kid. Now check that.”

See some of Twitter’s reaction below.

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Authored by: Char Patterson