Jodie Turner-Smith Seemingly Reacts To Criticism About Her Alleged Marriage To Actor Joshua Jackson: U Mad?

Jodie Turner-Smith, Joshua Jackson

Jodie Turner-Smith Possibly Claps Back At Critics Of Her Alleged Marriage To Actor Joshua Jackson: U Mad?

Jodie Turner-Smith has yet to confirm she’s married to When They See Us actor Joshua Jackson. But she still received lots of criticism for reports that they secretly tied the knot. Jodie Turner-Smith starred in the critically-acclaimed Queen & Slim that was released on Nov. 27. The film addresses the tension between police and the Black community.

And some fans were shocked that Jodie Turner-Smith quietly wed a white man.

Now, it looks like she has responded to some of the hate.

She tweeted Sunday (Dec. 22),

“hey siri, what is a “bed wench” and why are there bm in my dm’s calling me that?”
She included a GIF of a woman with an afro that reads,
“U MAD?”

It’s not clear when Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson allegedly tied the knot, but they were reportedly seen getting their marriage license in early August.

Jodie Turner-Smith, Joshua Jackson

There are also reports that Turner-Smith is pregnant.

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Authored by: Char Patterson