Trey Songz Tips Flight Attendant $200 [PHOTOS]

Trey Songz Tips Flight Attendant $200 [PHOTOS]

How would you respond if Trey Songz popped up at your job?  One flight attendant, who goes by @inurgutu on Twitter, has countless ladies living vicariously through her after she shared her experience with Trigga, who showed up on her flight over the holidays.

She first suggested that the singer invited her to go out but she had to work.

She then responded to a friend who said they hoped Trey Songz started singing after they snapped a picture together.

@inurgutu wrote,

“He was too busy making friends with the whole first class… he did tip ya girl $200 tho. I love him”

She added,

“When Trey Songz came aboard I said “EYUHHH” he was so shook. He said “I been flying 20 years and not once has anyone done that to me”. Good u can’t forget ya next baby mama.”

She then shared photos, including proof that he’s now following her, and the $200 he gave her as a tip. She tweeted,

“Finally got my first celebrity passenger after 2 years of flying and I’m so glad it was TRIGGAAAAAA. Ima flex tf outta this forever. And he really is a sweet and laid back guy. He even mingled with passengers and gave me a $200 tip. A king”

See what else she had to say about her experience.

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Authored by: Char Patterson