‘Empire’ Star Bryshere Gray Accused Of Spitting On 7-Eleven Floor & Throwing Items At Clerk

Bryshere Gray AKA “Yazz The Greatest 

‘Empire’ Star Bryshere Gray Accused Of Spitting On 7-Eleven Floor & Throwing Items At Clerk

“Empire” star Bryshere Gray a.k.a. Yazz The Greatest, was allegedly involved in a spat with a 7-Eleven cashier recently. And he said it happened after she claimed he spit on the floor of the Orlando, Fl. store.

Bodycam footage from local police allegedly show a female officer asking Bryshere Gray about the alleged dispute, according to reports Wednesday (Jan. 1).

Bryshere Gray told the officer,

“So what happened with the clerk is, I guess he spit on the floor… The guy did, that I came to the 7-Eleven with. And she snapped on him. She was like ‘I’m not cleaning that up.’ So I cleaned it up. And I asked her, ‘So if I didn’t clean this up, you would have to clean this up.’ And she said ‘No’ and started snapping at me. So she threw something at me… I’m not sure what she threw at me. It’s on camera. She threw something at me first, I threw something at her, and I said ‘You know what? Okay. I’m out of here.'”

When asked what he threw, Gray said it was chips. He was also shocked to hear that the cashier claimed he threw the first object.

“On me? No, that wasn’t… That wasn’t me. It was the guy that I was with.”

He refused to give his ID to the officer.

Interestingly enough, another video shows the clerk telling a different story. She pointed out Gray as the aggressor and said,

“The dude right here. I guess he’s supposed to be a celebrity. He came in and spit on our floor. So I told him that I was not gonna serve him until he cleaned up his spit… The one with the Burberry sweater on. It’s supposed to be the dude from ‘Empire’. He came in here, I told him I wasn’t gonna serve him, due to the simple fact that I wasn’t gonna clean up his spit from floor. He cussed me out, whatever the situation is…”

When asked if Gray “striked” her with something, she said,

“He striked me with all the items on the floor. He hit me with them.”

She continued,

“I wanna press charges. My manager said when she comes in in the morning, y’all can come and see the camera. Everything is on the camera. He picked up the stuff, threw at me… hitting me.”

See both Gray and the woman’s claims here.

As of now, there haven’t been any arrests since Gray and the woman’s statements don’t match. Plus, no one was physically hurt in the alleged incident. Still, the cashier is said to insist that Gray face charges, but Gray is against it.

Police are currently reviewing the footage.

Last summer, Gray was arrested for several driving offenses. He was pulled over in Chicago for vehicle registration issues and was allegedly caught driving without a license.

Bryshere Gray

Meanwhile, “Empire” is in its final season.

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