Jennifer Lopez Wants To Leave The U.S To ‘Find Another Life Where It’s A Little More Simple’

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Wants To Leave The U.S To ‘Find Another Life Where It’s A Little More Simple’

Jennifer Lopez wants to get out of dodge!

While she’s checked major things off of her bucket list, she said there’s still one thing she plans to do.

” I would love to live somewhere other than the United States, in a small town in Italy, or on the other side of the world, in Bali.”

She’s an A-list superstar but she said she would prefer to have a more low-key life.

“…Find another life where it’s a little bit more simple and organic and where I get to ride a bike, and buy bread, and put it in my basket, and then go home and put jelly on it, and just eat and paint, or sit in a rocking chair where there was a beautiful view of an olive tree or an oak tree and I could just smell. I have fantasies like that.”

We wonder what her fiancé, retired MLB star Alex Rodriguez thinks about that!

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez

For now, she’s a Hollywood triple threat who marches to the beat of her own drum. She added,

“I really just go by my own barometer, my own gut. My choices are never motivated by ‘People think I shouldn’t do this type of movie next’ or ‘We did that, maybe we shouldn’t do that again.’ It really has to viscerally come from the arc within me.”

She continued and said that she’s being intentional about working with female directors of the same mind.


“It’s about breaking the mold of what people are used to. There are so many great female directors; why aren’t we using them more? It’s hard to break patterns, even in yourself, so we have to make a conscious effort to change the paradigm.”

Of course, she spoke on her upcoming Super Bowl halftime performance.

“It’s a perfect moment in my life, honestly, but it’s also a great time for a Latina women to take the stage at the biggest all-American event, with everything that’s going on in the country right now. I’m super-happy to represent my community, to represent women, and to represent everybody, you know? It’s a big platform to bring people together.… It gets a lot of eyeballs. So if you can spread a little bit of love and positivity, and make people know that we’re all in this together? I look at it as a blessing.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson