Blueface “Warns” Chrisean Rock That He & His First Baby Mother Jaidyn Alexxis Will Take Custody Of Their Newborn Son After Alleging She Smoked Marijuana Throughout Her Pregnancy: ‘He Could Be Mine Tonight’

Blueface “Warns” Chrisean Rock That He & His First Baby Mother Jaidyn Alexxis Will Take Custody Of Their Newborn Son After Alleging She Smoked Marijuana Throughout Her Pregnancy: ‘He Could Be Mine Tonight’

The never ending drama between Blueface and Chrisean Rock continues to unfold.

Following Chrisean’s recent instagram live where she made several accusatory remarks about her child’s father, Blueface responded with his own allegations, and threatened to make a move for custody.

It has been mere days since 23-year-old Chrisean Rock, real name Chrisean Malone, gave birth to her baby boy – who was named a jr. after his mother. The miracle of life doesn’t seems to have done much for her coparenting relationship with rapper Blueface, real name Jonathan Porter, 26, however. Per their usual dysfunctional nature, the two made some heated allegations towards one another online after the “Vibe” artist went live to address “lies” she says Blueface told about her.

In one part of the video, Chrisean spoke to Blueface’s recent comments that she manipulated him for fame and attention. As we previously reported, the “Thotiana” rapper claimed his former artist tried to discredit him after using him to get to a certain position of notoriety. Chrisean explained in the live, however, that she told her ex that God had a plan for her life and would’ve used anyone to help her achieve what she has been able to. Though she did make it a point to clarify that she acknowledges how Blueface did play a major role in her come up.  The “Baddies” star also claimed in the video that despite what he says, she hasn’t kept their son from him, stating:

“I didn’t keep him from his son. He’s a dead beat a** bitter baby mother. I think he’s trying to whip up a weird plan to try and take my kid from me,”

As the live was happening, both Blueface and the mother of his first two children Jaidyn Alexxis live tweeted, responding to what was being said. Immediately, the California native shot down Chrisean’s claims that she hasn’t kept him away from his son. He wrote:

“You already admitted to not inviting me I found out my baby was being born on instagram”


“Had you called me an gave me information I would have made it you literally named the baby Chrisean jr your selfish decisions aren’t adding up with this cry baby story you literally live talking about my kids to make your situation seem better sad how far you’ll go manipulation”

And following up with:

“Don’t be bitter an make things up to fit your narrative just be at peace with the baby stop going live for a bit put your phone down an just enjoy it for a week atleast dam baby got a instagram with a email my son already taking bookings at 2 days old she did all this for clout”

Additionally, Blueface went on to criticize about Chrisean’s decision to name their son after her, claiming it was a selfish move she decided on at the last minute that will cause the boy to be ridiculed as he gets older. He also continued to take more shots at her for creating an instagram account for the baby, claiming everything his son’s mother is doing is all for “clout”.


Things seemingly took a harsher turn, however, after Chrisean stated that after witnessing how Blueface is with his children with Jaidyn, she’s not sure he needs to be in the baby’s life. She stated:

“I ain’t gone hold you, mr. jr. need his father but then I be watching sh*t, I don’t think he need you for real…your kids do not know the Lord first…they know how to post up with they d**k in the camera though and put they tongues out. And then you like to play with your son for clout. Don’t ever ask my son is he gay.”

Taking issue with Jaidyn, she continued:

“And that b***h dumb…she cool for you for clout and money but allowing you to disrespect her kids in front of her. She weird.”

Clearly the couple were tuned in at the moment, as Blueface responded:

“Going after my kids smh what they got to do with it ?”

With Jaidyn adding:

“respectfully or disrespectfully leave my kids outta sh*t I ain’t mad bout nun b***hes tried to laugh at my pain now same ones sitting looking stupid and yet I haven’t said none it’s harder then it look huh imagine being # 1 anyway stream me n daddy music thanks for the theatrics for today”

Blueface then went on to share an alleged screenshot from Chrisean where she admitted to smoking, assumably marijuana, and warned her that he’d take the child if she doesn’t care from him properly. He wrote:

“You smoked your way to birth you don’t think I can get the kid fr I have no intentions to take the baby but if you are not showing the right signs I will do what’s best”


“We drug test that baby he could be mine tonight I’m really being nice cuz I want you to be better everyone seems to think the baby making you better but all I see is you running with clout tighten up an focus on yo son”

And adding:

“Take care of our son correctly or Jaidyn will that simple…You’ve been warned”

Chrisean hopped on Twitter only responding stating she’s going to take care of her jr. at all costs. Though Blueface did go one to make more comments about booking his soon so he could meet his “new family.”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson