Asian Doll Requested To Be Released From Gucci Mane’s Label

Asian Doll Requested To Be Released From Gucci Mane’s Label

Rapper Asian Doll (real name Misharron Allen), 23, is officially an independent artist following her shocking announcement on social media Thursday (Jan. 16th). Asian Doll says she in fact requested the change from Gucci Mane, asking to be released from his 1017 label. Although, the Dallas, Tx rapper never mentions her reasons for her request to be removed his his label, she seemed very thankful for the opportunity:

 “I feel like I owe my fans the truth so here it goes I ASKED GUCCI MANE TO RELEASE ME FROM 1017 A COUPLE DAYS AGO & HE SAID “OKAY” thank you alamo records/Eskimo Records for the opportunity but I’m NO LONGER IN MY DEAL. I AM OFFICIALLY AN INDEPENDENT ARTIST.”

Asian Doll continues, explaining how as an new up and coming artist humbling yourself along with patience has helped her reclaim her time.

“I’ve wanted this for a while but I’m a super loyal person & I knew God had something planned for me. Once I felt it completely in my heart that I had to move on from my team is when I asked to be removed & everything went smoothly. You don’t have to scream curse or yell to get your point across just be humble about every situation & know that 1 day you will get everything you deserve.. 2020 is MINES & IM CLAIMING IT. Thanks to all my supporters who stayed down y’all know its UP NOW!!”

Her separation from 1017 was no surprise from the legendary Atlanta rapper. Just one day before Asian Doll’s reveal, Gucci also took to his Twitter to welcome his next aspiring artist.

Gucci Mane

In his Tweet, Gucci also never mentions his former protege but he promises to sign his next artist to a huge payday,

“1st artists I sign to 1017, U get a million 2020!”

He adds,

”2020, I’m running 1017 like the mob. Starting over from starch! Hustlers who wants to be millionaires only!!!”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette