Wendy Williams Appears To Fart On TV [WATCH]

Wendy Williams Appears To Fart On National TV [WATCH]

Wendy Williams became a Hot Topic herself Monday (Jan. 20).

Fans are convinced she farted during the Hot Topics segment of her daytime talk show Friday (Jan. 17).

While discussing Odell Beckham Jr.’s legal woes after he smacked an officer’s butt last week, an interesting noise is heard that many said was Wendy Williams letting one loose. It doesn’t help that she was slightly leaning over to the side during the moment.

After being on the air for nearly 12 years, it only makes sense that she’ll have a few faux pas. In a previous episode, she appeared to say the “s” word before she burped.

And let’s not forget when she accidentally said the N-word last year.

Still, the farting situation is what got Wendy Williams even more attention.

See some Twitter reactions to her alleged fart.

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Authored by: Char Patterson