Wiz Khalifa’s Mama Throws Amber Rose An ‘East Coast Baby Shower’

It’s only right that such a highly anticipated rock star baby be blessed with a baby shower, from coast to coast. Last weekend, Amber’s friends threw her and Wiz Khalifa a shower in Cali. Folks like Lola Monroe, Tocarra Jones and Christina Milian were spotted. And not to be out done–this week, the babies future gramma (Wiz’s mother) threw Amber an ‘East Coast Baby Shower’. What is an east coast shower? Glad you asked. And to be frank, we’re not really sure…We think it’s just a shower, that probably took place in Philly or Pittsburgh. We like the title, nonetheless. Anywho, looks like Wiz may’ve missed this one, but his mother was there. Check out the pics!