Eminem Explains His ‘Music To Be Murdered By’ Project: This Album Was Not Made For The Squeamish

Eminem Explains His ‘Music To Be Murdered By’ Project: This Album Was Not Made For The Squeamish

Rapper Marshall “Eminem” Mathers loves shocking his audience and critics. His latest album, Music to Be Murdered By, doesn’t stray from that tradition, which is, apparently, a proven winning strategy for the 47-year-old Detroit native. According to Billboard, the album will likely top the charts this week, marking his 10th straight number one album.

But, in today’s cancel culture, his horror-core style could easily be deemed insensitive. Eminem addressed the public with a Twitter statement on his surprise album. He used a bar from his 2001 Jay-Z collaboration, “Renegade,” as the caption:

“@Eminem “Cause, see, they call me a menace and if the shoe fits, I’ll wear it. But if it don’t, then y’all will swallow the truth, grin and bear it” #Renegade #MusicToBeMurderedBy”

Slim Shady’s statement read:

“Gentle Listener:

In today’s wonderful world murder has become so commonplace that we are a society obsessed and fascinated by it. I thought why not make a sport of it, and murder over beats? So before you jump the gun, plesae allow me to explain.

This album was not made for the squeamish. If you are easily offended or unnerved at the screams of bloody murder, this may not be the collection for you. Certain selections have been designed to shock the conscience, which may cause positive action. Unfortunately, darkness has truly fallen upon us.

So you see, murder in this instance isn’t always literal, nor pleasant. These bars are only meant for the sharpest knives in the drawer. For the victims of this album, may you rest peacefully. For the rest of you, please listen more closely next time. Goodnight!

With deepest sympathy,


Could he be referring to “killing” Nick Cannon during their recent rap beef?

Eminem doesn’t show any mercy on his competitors, or even the people closest to him. Remember his shockingly gruesome song, “Kim,” about killing his ex-wife, Kim Mathers?

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay